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Last Updated: 4/25/07
Adoption Related Links

CPS and Open Adoption Fraud Awareness Story by KGF Foundation

Writings by David M. Smolin
Samford University
- Professor of Law
- Director, Center for Biotechnology, Law, and Ethics
The Price of Panic: Florida's Children and the Legacy of Foster Care Failure (.pdf File)

Writings by Joe Soll, a Psychotherapist Specializing in Adoption Issues
The Respect We Never Got

Article about Joe Soll's Analysis of Feelings of Mothers and Children after Adoption

Waging Wars While Healing Wounds

AdoptionCrossroads Articles on Adoption
Infant Adoption: What They Knew and Didn't Tell Us

By Post Adoption Center for Education and Research (PACER)
Adoption Issues in Families
Interview With Rueben Pannor (Open Records)

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